Bridal shower gift ideas

It’s customary to bring a gift to the wedding shower, but if you tend to enter a state of panic when it comes to selecting the perfect present, we are in the same

boat! Here are some expert tips on selecting the perfect wedding shower gift.

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How much should be spend?

A bridal shower is an occasion to pamper the bride with gifts. However, do remember to give what you can afford, no matter what the occasion is.

Don’t put a purchase on a credit card just to buy something luxurious. On average, try to spend about 25 to 75 dollars. Guests who can’t afford to buy a

gift can bring something homemade such as a hand-knitted blanket or homemade jam.

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Bridal showers with a theme
When someone receives a bridal shower invitation, one of the first things to notice is the theme of the shower.

There isn’t always a theme, but if there is, it should be evident on the invitations. Themes can make gift giving much simpler, because a guest can’t go

wrong if she sticks to the theme. Here are some common themes and gift ideas for those specific themes:

Kitchen theme: kitchen towels, mixing bowls, pot holders, wine glasses, blender, mixer
Honeymoon theme: beach blanket, sunglasses, suntan lotion, massage oil,

beach bag
Charity shower: donation to charity
Environmentally-friendly shower: eco-friendly gifts
Naughty or nice theme: lace-up corset, satin garters,

robes, edible body paints, scented candles

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Ask if the couple has a wish list?
Ask the shower hostess about registry information if there is none provided with the invitation. If they

are registered, use the registry. Choosing a gift from the registry is also a very good idea if you do not know what the bride really needs or what other guests have

already gotten her. Note that not all brides will register for specific items. If not, ask the bride what she needs. If there are not enough items on the bridal

registry to choose from or the bride has not even created a registry, then asking what she needs may be in your best interest. There is no point in buying the bride a

toaster or microwave when she already has one. Asking the bride what she needs is the best, and only, way to find out for sure. At UWDress, you can find your dress to

wear at wedding.

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Other Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
Planning a wedding can be a very stressful experience. A gift certificate for a pedicure, manicure, massage, or

a day at a local spa may be a thoughtful present that will help the bride-to-be relax and unwind before her big day. Pampering gifts such as perfume, bubble bath,

gourmet chocolates, or a soft new robe are also good possibilities.

Purchase lingerie as a bridal shower gift. This is usually expected at most bridal showers. It is a thoughtful suggestion that is bound to get a few chuckles from

everyone at the bridal shower. If you do choose to do this, keep in mind that it is important to make sure you have the bride’s size and personal taste. If not,

consider giving a gift certificate to a lingerie store and allowing her to pick out her own undergarments.

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Another neat option is to consider the bride’s personality and her hobbies. If she loves a certain color scheme or animal, then you may want to incorporate

this into her gift. Although it is generally recommended for you to get her gifts which can be used in the household, be sure to add a touch of her to the bridal gift

that you choose. This will help ensure that the bride actually enjoys the gift.

If the bride and groom share a special interest such as camping or traveling, consider getting a gift that reflects this passion. Presents such as a tent or a new

set of luggage will be appreciated by both spouses long after the wedding has passed. This type of gift is also an excellent choice if you are attending a co-ed


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Why do I choose a wedding dress with a corset back?

The corset back is also known as the lace-

up back. The history of corset starts with its usage in medical field for giving proper shapes. Hence, the benefit of picking a corset wedding dress is to

shape yourself.

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Corset wedding dresses usually have lots of boning. This helps to keep shape to the dress, so that you could look great. You can find your favorate wedding dress at


When you lace the dress up, your body takes on an hourglass figure. Therefore, this style wedding dress works great on females without obvious waistline like a rectangle-shaped body or an

apple-shaped body.

For the pregnant bride, a lace up back dress works great because of the adjustability of the size for an expanding tummy.

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If you have fluctuations in your weight, this style can adjust to it easily. If you gain a little or have water retention problems, this style is the perfect


These suggestions work mostly for losses of no more than a few pounds. Now if you get one size up, you can get away with that. An opening of 3 to 5 inches is

normal. But a span of 6 to 7 inches is not rare.

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Do be aware that large changes in weight and shape will still mean you need the side seams to be altered to maintain the shape of the dress. For example, If you are

slimmer than one dress size, it needs to have your dress taken up in the sides to give the desired span width you need for your dress once it is laced up.

Do you know why I choose a wedding dress with a

corset back? Because of the amazing shaping ability created by the corset wedding dresses.

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How to choose the perfect prom dress color?

Knowing your colors is the first step in making sure you look terrific for every occasion. Why? It will help you build a completely coordinating wardrobe.

Then how to choose your perfect color for a ball? Better to take a look at the following steps.


Step 1:
Test your skin tone. Hold a white paper beside your face when standing in the most natural light possible.

If your skin reveals yellow, beige, brown or olive undertones, you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you discover undertones of blue, pink, rose or purple, you have a cool skin tone.

A cold skin tone tend to look better in pastels and softer colors. Whites, corals, ocean blues, light raspberry, soft tangerine and champagne are just a few beautiful choices. If you have warm skin tones, you can enjoy bright, vivacious colors without becoming lost in them. Electric orange, emerald green, midnight blue and ruby red will definitely be attention-getters.

Step 2:
Hair color will also have a huge influence in the colors you look best in. Brunettes can wear a variety of shadesbut we dazzle in blue. Blondes looks great in black and bright warm colors while red hairs charm in pastels and turquoise! If you are going to dye your hair or get highlights before your special occasion make sure you take that into consideration when shopping; you wouldn’t want your new do to clash with the prom dress you fell in love with!

Step 3:
If you are still at a loss for which color looks better on you, better to take a look at your closet, and try to recall which clothes earned you the most compliments. Meanwhile, you can also take your own preference into account. If you love how you look in emerald green but this simple guide says
you should wear warm tones just disregard it! Enjoy your shopping at UWDress.com.

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What type of dresses should petite girls wear?

Not all girls are blessed with model like height or figure. This article is for those that are on the shorter side (less than 5’4”).If dressed appropriately, a short petite girl can look very classy, cute and desirable as well. Below are some suggestions on dresses which works best for your body type.

For a short and petite girl, when selecting a dress, here are what you should look at : small flowers, shorter length, and ruffles near the chest area and a full swingy skirt.

Empire waist dresses are your best friend. It gives you an illusion of longer legs which most short girls are lacking. By having longer looking legs, you are also extending your height. Pair it with a cute pair of high heel shoes and the look is perfect.

Dress all in one color from your top to your shoes. Fashion experts recommend sticking to one or two colors if your are petite. Don’t forget to match your tights or stockings to your dresses too. Dark colors make us slimmer, so try black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, deep green, or purple.

Wear v-line tops to further elongate your look which works great for petite women.

Wear vertical stripes. Vertical stripes elongate your figure which can be flattering for shorter people.

Wear a tight fitting dress. This will do great things for your gorgeous silhouette and according to fashion experts, it is the best style for a petite woman.

You would look perfect in simple shift dresses, with little color accents here and there.

Wear heels. This is probably the easiest way to actually change your height. There are other options besides just stilettos. Experiment with platform heels, wedges, booties, knee high boots and pumps.

By the way, please say no to many layers. Why? They give your silhouette a horizontal feel which makes your body look wider than it really it is. If you want color, better to try a color block dress. You can find the perfect dress for yourself on UWDress.com.

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